Breakaway IMP

Test : Breakaway Tackle UK           IMP Building Surfcasting rigs is not a big art, but building them in a way that they would run perfectly, hold together and release the hook to place the bait, where it is supposed to be placed, that’s the art. The rigs are build mostly as pulley rigs or lift rigs.   Normally you will build rigs with simple clips, hook clips or leads with hook holder, but there will always be the problem of the construction not being released fluently or already at the time of the drop, if it is not tightened the whole time. This can be difficult. Especially for beginners. As a result the bait will not be presented in an optimal way without the IMP, because of no releasing hooks.   With the IMP from breakaway tackle the hook will be released in more than 99% by diving into the water due to the help of a shovel. Especially for beginners it will be easier to cast rigs on longer distance and reach more fish. We did not find a better solution yet. The only negative thing is the lack of availability in shops in Germany and if you manage to get some, they are very expensive. O.R.    

Video IMP